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Dear Chancellor, Don’t Forget the Texans

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported on Friday, March 4 that Chancellor Steimetz has approved a new $300,000 increase in freshman aid for in-state students only. At Lone Star Hog, we were thrilled to hear the news, and just want to remind Chancellor Steinmetz: Don’t Forget the Texans. I have a confession to make: I am one of the owners of Lone Star Hog, and I am from Arkansas. The truth is, as much as we play up our mutual love for Texas and our roots in the great state next door, Lone Star Hog is, and always has been, a collaborative effort driven by great minds from both Texas and Arkansas. As an Arkansawyer, I wholeheartedly support Chancellor Steinmetz’s...

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Texas Razorbacks Represent 22% of UofA, and Growing

 The Lone Star Hog community is growing—and faster than you might expect. Everyone talks about how the University of Arkansas population is nearly half Texan. And while there aren’t quite that many Texans, the real numbers still surprised me. Turns out, about 22% of the undergraduate students at the UofA are from Texas. No surprise there. But I did a little digging through the university records to find the broader trend, and here is what truly shocked me: the number of Razorbacks from Texas has more than tripled over the last ten years as a percentage of the overall undergraduate population.  Fancy Table 1: Texas Razorbacks as a percentage of UofA undergraduates 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012...

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Arkansas Vs. Ole Miss Live Blog

We're underway in Oxford, as our fearless Razorbacks are braving the land of bowties to take on the....Grizzly bears? Rebel bears? Hairy clawed colonel?  Whatever they are, the Razorbacks are playing them, and we need this one, Sports fans. I'll jump right in when something fun happens. 1st Quarter 10:17- 3rd down for the Hogs in Rebel territory, and Brandon Allen gets taken out to a nice seafood dinner, and then never called again. 8:05- Swag Kelly and Ole miss have their drive stall, and punt to the Hogs. Swag Kelly is such an unfortunate nickname. Swag is most definitely on the way out. Pretty soon that will be like having "Bling" in your nickname. 7:58- The cameras are showing shots of Razorback...

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Razorbacks vs. Alabama Live Blog

  We're underway at Bryant-Denny Stadium! Razorbacks have the ball first. Lets see what happens. 1st quarter 15:00- Brandon Allen delivers a dart to the middle of the field for a 15 yard gain! Couldn't have asked for a better first play. 13:12- Alabama has some big Ole boys on their front line. 3rd down for the hogs is broken up and we have to punt. 9:00- Alabama is blitzkrieging down the field like we're Belgian. Or worse: French. There's our World War II reference of the day. 7:32- Razorbacks force a 3rd down and goal where we stand tall! Our zone defense lets teams waltz down the field, only to hold them to a field goal from the 5 yard line....

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New Clearance Items!

Watching Tennessee return the opening kickoff for a touchdown, The only logical explanation was that the Joe Adams punt return was finally being repaid in kind. A sort of Karma to balance out the College Football universe. That was arguably the lowest point in Tennessee's storied football history- and here they were exacting their revenge. Somehow though, we shook off their repeated punches and started playing the type of football we all thought we'd be dominating with this year, and pulled out the road win. Even if it was only a fleeting glimpse of what this season could have been, we find it cause enough to celebrate!Game Day Shades and Koozies are now on clearance sale! When you tap below and...

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