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Black Friday Comparisons

Stop! Are you reading this from your phone while you stand in line for Black Friday deals? If so, it's not too late to turn back! You can be back in your warm car in 2 minutes flat. Just keep that in mind. Now for your regularly scheduled programming, we dive into the absolutely scientific and totally legit Lone Star Hog Labs. Today we're debating the merits of the traditional Black Friday Shopping against shopping online at Let's start with a bit of history. Black Friday In 1951, General Mills was still early in the stages of Cheerios production at it's Buffalo NY plant. It had been a challenge to attract workers to the often frigid temperatures of upstate New...

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Razorbacks to Big 12: Selling our Southern Souls

  Garth Brooks (If you were born after Y2K, he’s a famous country singer who was prominent in the 90’s) recently caused a stir in the College Football world by saying Arkansas should join the Big 12 in a conference expansion. Pundits immediately jumped on the idea of swine joining the equine and bovine of OU and UT. This makes a ton of sense, so naturally it won’t happen. It's true that leaving the SEC would mean an initial hit to yearly conference checks. Arkansas would lose around $6 million a year in cash payouts. It's time the Razorback faithful saw that money for what it is though, the same type of money Arkansas pays out for early season cupcake wins. For...

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Arkansas Vs. Ole Miss Live Blog

We're underway in Oxford, as our fearless Razorbacks are braving the land of bowties to take on the....Grizzly bears? Rebel bears? Hairy clawed colonel?  Whatever they are, the Razorbacks are playing them, and we need this one, Sports fans. I'll jump right in when something fun happens. 1st Quarter 10:17- 3rd down for the Hogs in Rebel territory, and Brandon Allen gets taken out to a nice seafood dinner, and then never called again. 8:05- Swag Kelly and Ole miss have their drive stall, and punt to the Hogs. Swag Kelly is such an unfortunate nickname. Swag is most definitely on the way out. Pretty soon that will be like having "Bling" in your nickname. 7:58- The cameras are showing shots of Razorback...

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New Clearance Items!

Watching Tennessee return the opening kickoff for a touchdown, The only logical explanation was that the Joe Adams punt return was finally being repaid in kind. A sort of Karma to balance out the College Football universe. That was arguably the lowest point in Tennessee's storied football history- and here they were exacting their revenge. Somehow though, we shook off their repeated punches and started playing the type of football we all thought we'd be dominating with this year, and pulled out the road win. Even if it was only a fleeting glimpse of what this season could have been, we find it cause enough to celebrate!Game Day Shades and Koozies are now on clearance sale! When you tap below and...

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Razorbacks vs. Tennessee Live Blog

  Ladies and gentlemen, I'm ashamed to admit that I gave up on this Live Blog.When I sit down with a big thermos of coffee on a comfy couch to write commentary for our loyal customers- the last thing I'm expecting is a punch to the gut compliments of a 150 yard kick return on the opening kickoff. I sat and contemplated trading in my coffee for a strong drink on Dickson (Shoutout to the new "Saturday Routine" shirt) but thankfully just sat dazed until my roommate knocked on the door to check on my well being. I came to just in time to watch a football limp through the air towards the goal post and clang off of it.Imagine...

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