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Arkansas Vs. Ole Miss Live Blog

We're underway in Oxford, as our fearless Razorbacks are braving the land of bowties to take on the....Grizzly bears? Rebel bears? Hairy clawed colonel?  Whatever they are, the Razorbacks are playing them, and we need this one, Sports fans. I'll jump right in when something fun happens. 1st Quarter 10:17- 3rd down for the Hogs in Rebel territory, and Brandon Allen gets taken out to a nice seafood dinner, and then never called again. 8:05- Swag Kelly and Ole miss have their drive stall, and punt to the Hogs. Swag Kelly is such an unfortunate nickname. Swag is most definitely on the way out. Pretty soon that will be like having "Bling" in your nickname. 7:58- The cameras are showing shots of Razorback...

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Razorbacks Vs. A&M Live Blog

The Lone Star Hog Live Blog.(Strong Bias Ahead) We'll be Live Blogging today's game, updating Possession by possession, until the end of the game- or I realize that this is way harder than I thought it would be.   1st Quarter  13:20: Brandon Allen feels the pressure and runs for 17 yard gain. Allen's legs may get a lot of work today with the country's best linebackers breathing down his neck.  11:30: Camera pans to the A&M corps of cadets. Man they look awful. 9:00: LONE STAR HOG FLAG IN THE STADIUM. YOU GUYS THE REAL MVP. 8:17: We get the ball back after A&M stalls. Collins breaks one off for 15 yards on our first play of the drive. 5:30:...

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