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Texan Drivers in Arkansas

Arkansas Drivers, I Apologize. Texas Drivers, Get Used to it. By: Emily Skillestad Freshman year I packed my bags with all my clothes that were not nearly thick enough or warm enough to withstand Fayetteville winters (what is a coat?), and made my way to the great state of Arkansas leaving behind the familiarity of home, aka Texas, aka where queso is called queso. Now when one goes off to College, they expect plenty of things to be different: People, food, freedom, etc… What the admissions office at the UofA won’t tell you however, is that you’ll have to relearn how to drive when you arrive in Fayetteville. The first thing you will notice about the driving in Arkansas - it...

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Freshmen in Fayetteville Tips

Freshmen have questions,Lone Star Hog has answers.  Going away to college is a seminal moment in a young person’s life. Leaving the structure that grew and supported them, and building a whole new life can be exhilarating, but daunting. Based on our data, the average Lone Star Hog is going to school 6 hours away from home- so we’re doing our best to make Fayetteville feel more like home for our fellow Texans. Here we present the questions we most frequently get, and our answers!   Q:  “What is there to do for fun in Fayetteville?” This question reminds us of people from different parts of the country asking what’s so great about Texas. The answer is always different for...

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