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Razorbacks vs TCU

 (Update Page throughout the game for our thoughts)

Hogs vs. Frogs

Here we are, TCU vs the Razorbacks. If there was a game to circle on the proverbial schedule it would have been this one. The 15th ranked team in the country looming large with their breakneck pace.

To say that this game means a lot to many of us would be an understatement. Many of us are from the Fort Worth area, and the NWA-ers among us have a friend or two at TCU as well.

Here's to finally putting all those fun what-ifs to rest, and settling things on the field. There will be more than a few bets settled tonight, and we hope they all go in our readers favor. With the pregame show winding down...Let's get into it, and woo pig!


1st Quarter

 11:34- After a phenomenal drive, and a costly no-catch call, the Razorback get an easy chip in to go up 3-0. TCU has the ball back on their 22, with the Hogs covering man to man.

10:50- Kenny Hill (The guy who wrecked the Razorbacks when he was on A&M) is making short completions off of a bit of scrambling. So far no huge QB runs.

9:19- The Hogs make a great hold on third down, but TCU decides to go for it on 4th and 4. Just kidding! They call a timeout.

Now is a great time to note that timeouts will be the only safe time to get up for a beer or bio-break. TCU is moving FAST.


 7:44- Drew Morgan contiues to win the hearts and minds of Amerian's everywhere with a beautiful catch to convert a 1st down.

Drew Morgan

6:20- Big 3rd down here, after a tackle in the backfield by TCU.
          And Dan Skipper lets a rusher through for a sack. The hogs punt out of their own             endzone. After a great punt, TCU takes over.

4:45- The Razorback defense has held exceptionally strong. Refusing to be baited into any traps, and forcing a big 3rd and 8.

4:30- This D is looking phenomenal, a huge 4 and out forces a punt with a solid return.  The fans in purple no longer have the look of sheer confidence, and are realizing this will be an actual challenge. 

2:45- As a part of the 3% of teams in all of Football that use a Fullback, the Razorbacks use the position to convert a first down. Only Bielema. Time of possession is hugely favoring the hogs.

End of 1st Quarter- Hogs up 3-0, and in the Red Zone threatening. 


2nd Quarter


14:20- We need to learn how to spell and pronounce the name of the "Gunter" guy. Dude can bowl over some guys.

13:00- Some misdirection by the Hogs isn't going very far. Hogs are forced into a difficult 3rd and goal from what looks like the 10, and they fail to convert.

12:12- Cole Hedlund sends one through the uprights to put the Hogs up 6-0. This isn't a phenomenal lead, but Lone Star hogs should be very pleased with how Arkansas has dominated the pace of the game.

 10:32- A huge chop block pushes TCU back 15 yards after a solid drive. 



For those watching on TV, this matthew mcconaughey jumping into a pool commercial is pretty sweet. Alright alright alright.

9:35- 3rd and 5 for TCU is converted by a big time hold on TCU. Unfortunately one that wasn't called.

7:50- A Pass on 2nd and 24 falls incomplete. The long yardage is a result of yet another blocking penalty on TCU. They are clearly not accustomed to teams that actually try to play defense.

7:00- TCU punts, and can't pin the ball deep. Hogs will take over from their own 20.


6:00- 3rd and 10 for the Razorbacks isn't able to be converted as pressure gets to Austin Allen.

 5:45- After a near interception, Brooks Ellis makes a huge tackle in the backfield. Unfortunately, the up tempo offense immediately turns around and converts a long first down.

Punt by TCU falls in the end zone and hogs take over at the 20.

2:15- The Razorbacks are grounding and pounding down the field to try and get some final points before the half.

1:15- 3rd and 16 seems like it hold more risk than opportunity for the Hogs on their own 15, and the run play call confirms that. It looks like the Hogs are content to hold TCU scoreless and not go for any Home Run plays.


Lone Star Hogs can breathe a collective sigh of relief as TCU fails to get down the field in time.  The Razorbacks are up 13-0 after the Hail Mary attempt fails. Few things are more satisfying than seeing rich and beautiful people wearing sad faces along with their purple.


 3rd Quarter

15:00- An absolutely beautiful kickoff by the Hogs has TCU back on their own 10. The kicking game is exponentially better this week.

14:00- TCU is playing some of the fastest football since Gus Malzahn at Shiloh Christian. But so far the Hogs haven't broken down. 3rd and 9 coming up.

12:22-The Frogs speed into the end zone after an absurdly fast drive. The Hog D simple looked flat footed. One expected TCU to come out swinging, and now it comes down to how the Hogs respond.

11:52- The Razorbacks are sticking with the run game out of the gate. They see TCU's up tempo and raise them molasses.

10:32- Everyone in the stadium was anticipated a fake punt by the Razorbacks...which is probably why they didn't go for one. TCU gets the ball back- and will look to sprint towards the endzone again.

10:14- Brooks Ellis makes an awesome tackle in the backfield to force a 2nd and 14.

9:31- After a long scramble by Kenny Hill and a questionable spot, TCU gets the first down.

8:30- A big stop on third down results in a TCU punt that's downed at the Razorback 40. There's optimism in the air as the Hogs seem to believe they can make some magic happen!!!!

8:12- Our boy Austin Allen can ball! 25 yard completion to Drew Morgan gets the momentum ball rolling.

7:06- Austin Allen with another 25 yard bomb, and an incredible catch has Arkansas threatening in the red zone. Woo Freaking Pig.

5:40- WOO PIG AND A HALLELUJAH FOR DREW MORGAN TOUCHDOWN. We expect many great things from this duo.

Drew Morgan with an eagle Drew Morgan Grasping freedom by the beak.


 3:30- TCU is moving so fast, no one knows what's going on. Taking huge shots downfield.

3:15- Agim runs out of small town Arkansas and straight into Kenny Hill's face. What a huge sack.

0:52- Austin Allen puts the team on his back, and runs for a first down. He takes a huge hit, but seems to shake it off fine, as the third quarter comes to an end. What a 4th quarter this will be.


4th Quarter 

14:16- At this point in a Razorback game, the collective breath holding takes effect. We're moving the ball, not making many mistakes, and playing the game that we want to play. A score on this drive would be huge.

13:09- Raleigh Williams The Third, Crown Prince of first downs makes a big time run to the 3 yard line.

11:30- We really jinxed things with complimenting the kick game. A chip shot is missed from 22 yards out.....

10:25- Two huge gains march TCU down the field, and have them threatening in the End Zone. What is life.

9:38- The biggest drive of Austin Allen's career is now beginning. We believe!

Update: Maybe we shouldn't believe. Our Offensive line is leaving Austin Allen very exposed in key situations.

 7:15- We need to get our Defense off the field. The frogs take a one point lead, and things look bleak. We desperately need our offense to make something happen.

5:15- The Hogs Defense is falling apart in the face of the fast tempo. Cramps are hitting left and right. Luckily Brooks Ellis is back in. One can't help but think it all comes down to this 3rd and 7. Just don't let Hill beat you.


༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つTAKE OUR ENERGY HOGS ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 


Extra Time

 Okay I'm trying to lock things down and be professional here. But holy hell Hogs. Does any team in country consistently give this many heart attacks?

3rd and 4 for the Hogs is converted on an awesome play by Sprinkle.

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つTAKE OUR ENERGY HOGS ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つTAKE OUR ENERGY HOGS ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 


TCU Answers with a ridiculous play extended TD. 

TCU has a huge 3rd down here. They desperately want to avoid kicking a field goal.

Dominic Reed with a great 10 yard run. First and Goal.


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