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Black Friday Comparisons

Stop! Are you reading this from your phone while you stand in line for Black Friday deals? If so, it's not too late to turn back! You can be back in your warm car in 2 minutes flat. Just keep that in mind.

Now for your regularly scheduled programming, we dive into the absolutely scientific and totally legit Lone Star Hog Labs. Today we're debating the merits of the traditional Black Friday Shopping against shopping online at

Let's start with a bit of history.

Black Friday

In 1951, General Mills was still early in the stages of Cheerios production at it's Buffalo NY plant. It had been a challenge to attract workers to the often frigid temperatures of upstate New York, but plant manager James Harris had a plan. James raised the hourly wage by $0.02 cents an hour, and offered 3 more paid holidays than industry standard for most employees- Including the day after Thanksgiving. 

Not only were the progressive measures successful in recruiting workers, they also contributed to the rapid rise of Buffalo's retail district. More money in a paycheck meant more money to spend, and more people off work meant more people walking into shops. Visiting the downtown area and getting a head start on Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving became a bit of a Buffalo tradition.

While his workers were out shopping in downtown Buffalo, James and a small crew of management did their best to keep the ovens running at the Cheerios factory. While their intentions were good, they were all a bit out of practice with actually running the factory floor. As a result, most batches of the wheat-rings were thoroughly charred. Newspaper columnists made light of the mess-up and printed headlines that ran "BLACK FRIDAY" with photos of the blackened cheerios, in fake reference to the Doomsday "BLACK MONDAY" headlines from the great depression.  



Lone Star Hog online shopping

After George Strait came to Hayden Short in a dream and commanded him to never forget his Texan heritage- Lone Star Hog was born. He decided that an online store would be way easier than a retail store. End of Story.

Ease of access has been the name of the game ever since.

Look at this chart detailing the things required for Traditional Black Friday Shopping, and shopping online at


 Traditional Black Friday


Computer or Phone










As you can see, there are many more things required in traditional Black Friday shopping.

"But Lone Star Hog, Black Friday shopping is a tradition in my family!"

We hear you, and have a solution! 

  1. Put toaster Strudels in oven.
  2. Take toaster strudels out of oven.
  3. Gather family around Breakfast table and log onto
  4. Check out our two new designs.


This has been a Lone Star Hog labs production and solution. Next up, we'll tackle global warming.



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  • Peggy Fulton

    Will you be making anything with the ‘vintage’ razorback? The razorback hog standing/leaning on an A, etc. Keep up the GREAT work!! I just stumbled upon yall and totally love!! Im part of a Texas/Arkansas house divided; so gotta still love my Lone Star State, born Arkansan but my dad was born and raised in Texas. And we moved back & forth from there back here all my childhood years.

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