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Texas Razorbacks Represent 22% of UofA, and Growing

 The Lone Star Hog community is growing—and faster than you might expect. Everyone talks about how the University of Arkansas population is nearly half Texan. And while there aren’t quite that many Texans, the real numbers still surprised me.

Turns out, about 22% of the undergraduate students at the UofA are from Texas. No surprise there. But I did a little digging through the university records to find the broader trend, and here is what truly shocked me: the number of Razorbacks from Texas has more than tripled over the last ten years as a percentage of the overall undergraduate population. 

Fancy Table 1: Texas Razorbacks as a percentage of UofA undergraduates

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Growth
6.62% 8.10% 9.21% 11.05% 12.06% 13.32% 15.34% 17.32% 18.79% 19.89% 21.68% 327.56%

 Source: University of Arkansas Office of Institutional Research and Assessment 

Today, we represent a strong throng of nearly 5,000 Lone Star Hogs who love the Hogs, and love Texas. This is what Lone Star Hog has always been about—bringing together the proud Texans who choose to be a Hog. We catch a lot of flack about our apparel for “desecrating the classic hog,” and we occasionally get hate mail from hot-blooded Arkansawyers who insist the razorback should “ONLY BE RED!” The shirts we print aren’t meant to take away the love Arkansans have for their hogs—they’re meant to represent the things we hold most dear and identify most closely with: Texas. Razorbacks. Simple.

So next time you’re flying your LSH flag, or sporting your Texas Tusk Polo at a tailgate and someone gives you a mouthful about your blasphemous LSH gear, give them a gentle reminder that Texans are an integral part of the Razorback family. 22% and growing every year, to be precise (if they’re the type to get technical). Our love for Texas and the Hogs takes away nothing from their love of Arkansas and the Hogs. If the trend continues, Texans will be a solid ¼ of the Razorback family next year.


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  • cameron look

    Bonham TX,
    I’m 15 and want to attend
    Wooo Pig

  • Missy

    I’m sure many of you Lonestar Hogs are familiar with this program, but it’s such a great value that it bears repeating. Arkansas offers a non-resident tuition advantage program to students from Texas. If your GPA and test scores qualify, you will receive a 90% out of state tuition discount for the years that you are classified as a non-resident. This makes UofA more affordable than UT for Texas students and may explain why many Texans opt for Arkansas. I chose Arkansas over Texas because of this incentive and received a top notch education for an ever better price. I am so glad that the university is an inclusive environment that welcomes students from across the nation and the world. #WPS #ProudLonestarHog

  • Larry Trussell

    As long as you share the love of the Hogs, I welcome you and don’t care from where you hail. WPS!

  • Wayne Blalock

    Arkansas obviously needs all fans, and alums from Texas to show support to the Razorbacks.
    There’s more people in Houston than there is the whole state of Arkansas. I try to attend every razorback event within a 100 mile radius.

  • Bernadette Gerrald

    Simms TX

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