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Arkansas Vs. Ole Miss Live Blog

We're underway in Oxford, as our fearless Razorbacks are braving the land of bowties to take on the....Grizzly bears? Rebel bears? Hairy clawed colonel? 

Whatever they are, the Razorbacks are playing them, and we need this one, Sports fans. I'll jump right in when something fun happens.

1st Quarter

10:17- 3rd down for the Hogs in Rebel territory, and Brandon Allen gets taken out to a nice seafood dinner, and then never called again.

8:05- Swag Kelly and Ole miss have their drive stall, and punt to the Hogs.
Swag Kelly is such an unfortunate nickname. Swag is most definitely on the way out. Pretty soon that will be like having "Bling" in your nickname.

7:58- The cameras are showing shots of Razorback fans, and then shots of Ole Miss fans. It's an unfortunate comparison style wise. More of our fans need to read our "Average Guy Style Guide."

Big Shot downfield into Rebel territory! Take that Land Shark Defense. What a horrible name. This team is full of terrible names.


 3:50- "Arkansas throws everything and the kitchen sink at Chad Kelly, but Kelly calls a plumber and somehow avoids the sack"
-My interpretation of the CBS announcers

2:08- DJ Dean goes down and we have an injury timeout. That's a real shame because he just hit us with that follow on Instagram, and he's from Texas!

1:32- Ole Miss runs in from the 5 for a touchdown. They went down the field so fast, our D looks like they have no idea what just happened.

1:20- Brandon Allen scrambles and completes an incredible pass to improve to 8 for 8 on the day. This dude came to play.


2nd Quarter

14:11- If there's a flag while we're on offense, you can guarantee it's a hold. We replay the down and there's another flag? Really guys? If this were Madden I would absolutely run the fake field goal. No one would see it coming.

 12:58- Is our Defense playing well? Is Ole Miss just kind of chucking the ball around and not taking this game seriously yet? Do they not remember last year?

 12:45- We've thrown the ball 3 times more than we've run. Slants, screens, boots....Is the ghost of Bobby Petrino calling this game?
Sprinkle gets open and Allen laces it in for the first down!

 9:42- 4th and inches with the biggest O line in football, and we push through for the first down. Finally.

7:45- "Brandon Allen sucks, let's try out Peavey or Storey."
Allen looks off a corner and throws a dime to the corner of the end zone. This is beautiful.

 6:52- I would never wish injury on someone, but it would be great to just lay Chad Kelly the heck out. He looks way too comfortable in the pocket.

5:00- As everyone expected?????? Both teams are marching down the field.

2:15- Hunter Henry for president. Alex Collins for VP. Drew Morgan for Speaker of the House.

Alex Collins just ran for a first down that sounded like a train running through a large glass building. DON'T THROW STONES IF YOU LIVE IN ONE OTHERWISE ALEX COLLINS WILL TRUCK YOU.

0:54- We're stopped on 3rd down, and trot out our freshman kicker for a long field goal. 45 harder and frozen by our team? Play clock was running out and we called a Time Out.

Here's the kick again and it is....................GOOD! Straight down the middle, had another 10 yards. Fun fact, that kid is a Lone Star Hog!

0:20- Are they going to risk turnover or injury to try and drive from 70 yards out?

0:02- An impossibly bone headed pass interference play is giving Ole Miss a shot at a 30 yard field goal to tie it up going into the half......which they make. 

I know I should be happier about being tied 17-17, but with Brandon Allen playing this well, we should be taking advantage more. See y'all on the flip side.


3rd Quarter

7:47- It's 30-24. IT happened somehow. I'm not sure. This is practically a Big-12 game. Allen playing incredibly. And freaking Ole Miss scoring again off of another stupid Arkansas penalty. Make that 24-30 Ole Miss.

 6:18- Oh baby we're driving. Give me some Sprinkle on my Brandon Allen and Hunter Henry cupcake.

5:04- Alex Collins goes over 1,000 rushing yards!!!!! Congrats big fella!!!

2:33- What alternate universe is this? Our stellar pass game, opens up our run game for 2 huge rushes and a TD. Life is weird.

 2:14- I'm going on record and predicting a turnover this upcoming drive of Ole Miss. Kelly has been reckless all game- let's make him pay!

1:10- HUGE stop by the hogs as Ole Miss tries to run on 3rd and short. Do you feel some magic coming on? I feel some magic coming on.


4th Quarter

Here it is. The 4th quarter. In all its glory, and all its horror.

Last game we had 5 of them.

Let's hope for a similar outcome. Push the Alabama vs. LSU game to a different channel and upset the whole schedule.

15:00- Brandon Allen opens up the 4th quarter with a 20 yard pass. I don't really know what else to type but "lol."

 11:50- Brandon Allen runs for 20 yards, then immediately throws a TD to Drew Morgan. What did this guy eat today?

Everyone, meet the new mascot of the Ole Miss Landsharks!


11:13- Another freaking free play leads to a 60 yard Touchdown drive for Ole Miss.

9:30- Arkansas is hitting that line hitting that line and driving the ball right down the field. Hunter Henry with the gigantic 3rd down pickup.

6:04- Ole Miss got the ball back somehow, and are driving down the field again....We just can't tackle this Chad Kelly dude.

5:30- Short pass from Kelly is ran into the end zone. We couldn't stop the broadside of a barn. Is that how that saying goes? Whatever...I'm upset.

4:20- ALEX COLLINS BREAKS OFF for a 25 yard gain, and then we hurry up and he immediately gains another 10. Love that kid.

2:00- Brandon allen converts on 3rd and long! 

1:00- TOUCHDOWN HOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0:53- We need to keep the other team from driving 70 yards and getting a 45 yard field goal. That shouldn't be too hard. Then again,

If we were a dam, we wouldn't be able to hold a puddle.

0:25- Ole miss is downed at the 50. 25 seconds left. The life of a Hog fan. KELLY IS SACKED!!!!!!!!!!

What was I saying about being a Hog Fan? It's awesome? Yes. That is what I said.

0:22- 4th and 6 and we STOP THEM!!!!

0:03- 25 yard pass to get us in field goal range!!!!!!!!!!!

0:03- Here Comes the kick..............and it's blocked.



Ole Miss Possession: It is as it has always been. You all knew what you were getting into when you started watching this. We all did. 

Here we are again, for the second game in a row. If I stop writing, it's due to a heart attack.

 Chad Kelly runs for a touchdown. I am personally embarrassed by our defense.

 Arkansas Possession: 3rd and 25. Not looking pretty folks. Now 4th and 25. ARE YOU KIDDING ME LEGENDARY

I'll link in a highlight of what just happened, because words can't do it justice.



  • Clayton Pace

    Man that game was almost as cool as the time I met Jason Aldean.

  • Jim Harvigh

    So much This^
    How many times have the announcers said Landshark?

  • tbs

    I think the mascot is a landshark.

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