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Lone Star Hog Sweatshirts are back in action

Things better than a Lone Star Hog Sweatshirt:

  • A&M mailing every Texan $1,000 and a handwritten apology for existing.
  • Having a personal Whataburger drive-thru. Actually, a private Whataburger.
  • Congress sitting down and saying, "Hey guys, let's be reasonable."

Things softer than a Lone Star Hog Sweatshirt:

  • Three black lab puppies climbing on top of you and then falling asleep.
  •  A luxurious blanket in a warm cabin after being stranded on Mount Everest for 4 days.
  • Lady Liberty's handkerchief as she dries the tears from your eyes upon returning from 5 years in a foreign prison for a crime you were framed for.

Things to do in a Lone Star Hog Sweatshirt:

  • Netflix, obviously.
  • Walk around town or campus, and feel warm and comfy as if you never left the safety of your bed.
  • Sit around a campfire while the fresh scent of pine wafts up from the flames and laugh with your close friends as you ponder your wonderful station in life.
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