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Oh Lord, It's Hard to be Humbled.

Ryan Gosling (AKA Kliff Kingsbury) told us to sit down. We'll go ahead and do that.

When the star of critic darling Drive, and box office smash The Notebook, tells you that you're not any good at football....things seem pretty bleak. What would the immaculately groomed actor that helped Steve Carrell get his Mojo back inCrazy Stupid Love know about football? Turns out he was also in Remember the Titans, the seminal football movie for everyone born after Varsity Blues andRudy.

Kliff Kingsbury in Remember the Titans
As Coach Kingsbury elaborated in his press conference, he took particular issue with the way Arkansas conducted itself while recruiting in Texas last year.
Messaged received, coach.
We'll be much more delicate while recruiting in the greatest state.

Now that we've been taught a football lesson by the brooding and discontent lead of Blue Valentine, we turn our attention towards A&M.
To be hoisted over Razorback shoulders once again.
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