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End Little Rock Games

We Should be moving on,

And Focused on Texas Tech,

But ESPN is relentless with coverage of the Razorbacks' embarrassment. All the talking heads are droning on with their theories on why the Razorbacks lost to a vastly inferior opponent.
For the initiated Lone Star Hog however, the answer is obvious. 

Poor Run game? 


Sloppy penalties?


Errant passes?

Probs not.


The reason the Razorbacks lost to Toledo is because we were playing a Home game away from home, and no one can convince us otherwise.

Little Rock has many charms, but a world class football venue is not among them.


If you haven’t been to War Memorial, imagine a large high school stadium in bowl form. Now apply the decaying effects of 70 years of indiscriminate rain and wind. Let’s run through a few bullet points about the Hogs home away from home:

  • War Memorial holds 20,000 fewer people than DW Reynolds
  • ^On the rare occasion War Memorial does sell out, it only holds that many because fans are packed in like a Whataburger drive-thru line.
  • The staff are very friendly, but always overwhelmed by the sheer scale of a Razorback game.
  • The restrooms are akin to those at a dodgy horse track.
  • Crowd involvement is less than stellar.


There are issues at play concerning games in Little Rock that run to the confusing core of state politics and influence- but Lone Star Hogs aren’t very concerned with such things. We want to see our beloved team win, so let’s play where we have best chance to: Fayetteville.




  • Clem

    You are sooooo wrong, the Razorbacks are what they are because of Little Rock, not NW Arkansas with its 300.00 hotel rooms and over priced restaurants, it saved football in this state. Bring back two games to Little Rock and save the Hogs…again.

  • Dobbie Cotton

    Tony is the only one here with smarts. Hogs looked past em and got spanked

  • UofA Graduate

    Post a pic of Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium from the same vantage point in a few years once they wall it off to open up more seats.

  • Heddie Tuttle

    I get what you’re saying and the point about them playing poorly due to having to play what would otherwise be a home game, away from home. As a former student at UofA, we love Little Rock games mainly for the tailgating. Tailgating in the pit at Fayetteville is not the most ideal, it’s a asphalt parking lot that can hardly accommodate the amount of people who want to set up tents to tailgate. Atleast at War Memorial there’s a golf course that we can tailgate on and it accommodates more people. I agree the stadium in little rock could use some renovations but I do know that students love tailgating at the Little Rock games. I wish Fayetteville had more space for tailgating rather than just the pit and random grass areas across from the stadium. It would be awesome if they could open up Old Main Lawn for the games!

  • James

    yeah! You tell ’em Tony!!!!!!

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