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Swath of Destruction

Matt Bakke reporting

The Razorbacks Won,
The SEC won,
The Big 12 and Pac 12 lost.

It was a good weekend.

It’s as if the 2014 season never ended. We just changed the team we were demolishing from the Texas team, to the one from El Paso. In fact, with two of our upcoming games, the Razorbacks will have left a path of broken hearts stretching the whole of Texas in less than a year.

A veritable swath of destruction ranging from Big Bend Country to the Prairies and Lakes, as our very professional graphic illustrates. 

A bright and blazing trail of Razorback hooves stomping on all those who would make “Open Season on Hogs” jokes. So bright, you’ll probably need to be wearing our Game Day shades to properly appreciate the destruction. Too gruesome of a sales transition? Noted.

Moving on to lighter fare: In case you missed it, here’s an awesome interview Paul Finebaum did last Friday with our favorite Lone Star Hog, Jonathan Williams. We were all heartbroken by his season ending injury, but the dude has an incredible attitude and is still making us proud.

Enjoy the short work week, LSH fam. If your day gets rough, just sit back and try to remember:


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