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Freshmen in Fayetteville Tips

Freshmen have questions,
Lone Star Hog has answers. 

Going away to college is a seminal moment in a young person’s life. Leaving the structure that grew and supported them, and building a whole new life can be exhilarating, but daunting. Based on our data, the average Lone Star Hog is going to school 6 hours away from home- so we’re doing our best to make Fayetteville feel more like home for our fellow Texans. Here we present the questions we most frequently get, and our answers!


Q:  “What is there to do for fun in Fayetteville?”

This question reminds us of people from different parts of the country asking what’s so great about Texas. The answer is always different for different types of people. It’s easiest to start with the geography and explore that. Fayetteville is straight up topographically more interesting than Texas. Go check out Fayettechill’s Instagram and save the locations that look most cool. A weekend jaunt to the Buffalo River is an all time great group outing. 


Q: “Where do I park on campus?”

You beg, borrow, and (don’t) steal to get yourself a garage pass. The green lots have turned into Mad Max: Parking Edition. There’s a lot literally named “The Pit” if that tells you anything. 



Q: “Do I have to like coffee now?”

You at least have to pretend to like coffee. Where we come from, lots of people drink coffee. People in Fayetteville like to Experience coffee. They carry around a Field Notes journal and write down tasting notes. They have 18 different ways to make a regular cup of coffee: Aeropress, French Press, Pour Over, Chemex, Drip, Cold Brew, and plenty more. You’ll resist at first, but one day you’ll be sitting at Arsagas Depot, sipping on a Lavender Latte while old school hip hop is playing, and realize that you’re one of “them” now.

The best coffee and baristas are at Onyx on Gregg, the best environment and food is at Arsagas on Dickson, and once you’re 21 Puritan has great coffee AND beer.



Q: “Where do I take a someone on a date here?” 

  1. Go to Hobby Lobby. 
  2. Buy two cheap canvases and easels. 
  3. Go to Mt. Sequoyah or Old Main lawn  when the leaves change color.
  4. Paint Fayetteville. 
  5. Win at life.


Q: “Uhhhh, I always get lost going to Mt. Sequoyah how do I get there?”

Take Maple away from campus until you hit the end, turn right, follow that road until you see the Methodist “Mount Sequoyah” sign, turn right and follow the curve until you’re there.
We made this handy map using very sophisticated software that is totally not Microsoft paint.


Q: “What’s the best boutique/girls shop?”

Yikes, this one is a minefield. If you’re going for a look that says “My family had a large home in the antebellum South,” Lauren James is for you. Riff Raff is always on point style wise, and Southern Trend has the Greek look down pat.

If you have any other Fayetteville/NWA questions, tweet us or reply back to this email! We love interacting with y'all.

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