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This Arkansawyer Loves Texas Too.

I was born and raised in Arkansas, and I love my neighbors and fellow Razorbacks from the great state of Texas next door. Why wouldn’t I? Sure—Texans bring in a lot of state pride, and maybe they will always love their home state more than Arkansas. But again, why should I hold that against them? In my experience, that love and pride for Texas translates into Razorback pride too. Many of the Lone Star Hogs I know are among the proudest and most fiercely loyal Razorback fans I know.

My friends at Lone Star Hog asked me to write this blog post because, apparently many Arkansas don’t feel the same love for Texans that Lone Star Hogs feel for Arkansas. To me it is very simple: I will always be friends with anyone who loves Arkansas and the Razorbacks, no matter where they come from. Being an Arkansas Razorback does not make me better than my Texan Razorback friends, or my international Razorback friends, or even my Oklahoman Razorback friends. Enough with the complaints, Arkansans—the Texans are our friends, and they’re here to stay.

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  • Kay Smith

    When will you be getting more hats and koozies in?

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