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Father's Day Deals

Observe the Lone Star Hog Dad in his natural habitat.

Before anyone asks, of course this photo wasn't staged. When one reaches a certain station in life, reading Money magazine in front of a large painting is just a usual Sunday- and we were lucky enough to capture such a moment. It's the type of activity reserved for men who worked for decades to send their kid(s) to the University of Arkansas, and to afford the parking fines their offspring accrue there.

That slight, wry smile is the realization that a son is moving out of Sterling Frisco, and into a way more affordable house with friends. Or that a daughter broke up with Steve the "Festival Enthusiast," and is now talking to Josh the finance major, with a minor in theology.

It's hard to comprehend the thousands of thoughts and worries that go through a Dad's head daily. It's hard to put ourselves in their shoes sometimes and see things the way they see them. What is easy though, is pulling the trigger and ordering them a small token of our appreciation.

With the obvious Father's Day gift choice, the hovercraft golf cart from Hammacher Schlemmer, costing $58,000...what are the rest of us to do? 

We'll tell you what.
Use code "FathersDay" for $15 off any order over $40 at Lone Star Hog.

And if you're the couponing type who loves to maximize sales, use code "FathersDay$" for 30% off all items.

This watermarked stock photo of a father and son, depicts happiness about those discounts.


All of this begs the question: "Lone Star Hog, where was your Mother's Day promotion?"
Well, concerned customer, the answer is simple.  

If we offered a deal to give moms their due, we would be out of business. If we gave our own mom's what they're worth, we'd have to relinquish ownership in the company- and hand over all our shirts. On top of that, we'd have to sell our souls to the Devil to afford a private island. Collectively, we agreed that our moms would flip if they ever found out we sold our souls to the Devil- seeing as they're Methodist. 

Bottom line? You'll just have to make do with our Father's Day deal.


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