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Lone Star Hog: Arkansas's Most Secure Apparel Brand

Always here to defend your privacy



Woo Pig everyone, we have some exciting news!

Lone Star Hog is among the first Arkansan clothing companies to offer SSL encryption to their customers for entirety of their web visit. From the second someone reaches their browsing data is encrypted. That’s the type of security that sensitive websites, such as banks or stock brokers, offer to anyone who visits their site.


We take pride in being a leading ecommerce destination for Razorback and Fayetteville apparel. Part of being a leader is pushing the envelope for our customers, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.


Everyone encrypts payment data, but your browsing patterns up until you hit “Checkout” are free game. To see if a website is doing everything possible to protect your data, look for the lock icon next to the website name in the URL bar. If you see one, you know your data can’t be easily read by any smart 14 year old with a computer. We’ve attached some screenshot examples of SSL locked vs. open websites.

This type of security is more or less standard for serious companies in Texas, and we're happy to bring the state of Arkansas up to speed!

SSL Encrypted

Fidelity SSL



NON SSL Encryption

Lauren James Unsecure

B Unlimited Unsecure

Fayettechill Unsecure

Razorbacks Unsecure

B&B unsecure



Arkansas's is indeed the correct possessive form for the Natural State.
We have to give credit to a former professor of ours clothing brand for already offering SSL

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