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Dear Chancellor, Don’t Forget the Texans

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported on Friday, March 4 that Chancellor Steimetz has approved a new $300,000 increase in freshman aid for in-state students only. At Lone Star Hog, we were thrilled to hear the news, and just want to remind Chancellor Steinmetz: Don’t Forget the Texans.

I have a confession to make: I am one of the owners of Lone Star Hog, and I am from Arkansas. The truth is, as much as we play up our mutual love for Texas and our roots in the great state next door, Lone Star Hog is, and always has been, a collaborative effort driven by great minds from both Texas and Arkansas. As an Arkansawyer, I wholeheartedly support Chancellor Steinmetz’s desire to attract more of Arkansas’ brightest minds to the flagship institution.

Here’s another confession: I am actually a transfer student from a university-which-shall-not-be-named in another state entirely. I came home to Arkansas because I knew I could pursue all of my interests here, that I would have the flexibility to study in multiple disciplines at the same time, and that I would have the full support, both financially and scholastically, of the faculty at the YOUofA. I am, humbly, precisely the kind of student that I think Chancellor Steinmetz hopes to attract. Coming back to Arkansas after my year away, I felt more at home than ever. But this company would not exist without my Texan counterparts, who deserve to be here at the UofA just as much as I do. 

Should sharp Texans be denied the opportunity to study at this great university simply because the Chancellor wants more Arkansans to enroll? Don’t get me wrong here Chancellor—I want the best and brightest of Arkansas here just as much as you do. It elevates us all. But through this great whirlwind of an adventure that is Lone Star Hog, I have learned that the best and brightest of Texas are now an integral part of our university community too. Shouldn’t they have the same chance to create a home here that I had?

Chancellor Steinmetz, I am happy to see financial aid of any kind increasing for freshman at the YOUofA. But don’t forget the Texans. It’s a fine line to walk, and we are curious to see how Chancellor Steinmetz’s strategies will shape enrollment in the coming years.


  • Natural State PIg

    Giving more money that wasn’t previously available to Arkansans won’t affect Texas students in any way. This isn’t about denying Texas or any other state. This is about keeping the state students at the state school. Texans still fairly easily get 90% off out-of-state tuition and if we’re being honest, the majority of Texans here are higher on the education and socio economic scale than our Arkansans! Our in-state students need the money & incentive or they’ll go to a cheap D2 school. Texans are comparing us to other top tier schools & don’t face the same issues as Arkansans. It’s a shame to see a fellow Arkansan spread false ideas like this… The more in-state students we maintain, the more Texans we can welcome in the future.

  • Laura

    Don’t worry! Proving support for Arkansans doesn’t eliminate opportunities for Texans.

  • Erick

    We hope he improves what will be without sacrificing what already is. I have concerns about another Midwesterner in the management of the YOUofA who has no heartfelt ties to our beloved university. While I understand fresh ideas can be good, and I certainly mean no ill regard to the esteemed gentleman, I also feel that the culture of the people and places that are the historical backbone may get looked over.

    Good luck to a previous commenter on your son making the Razorback Band. My wife and I met in that wonderful organization and enjoyed every second of our time, “on the hill!”

  • Ashley

    I completely agree with you! We live in San Antonio and my high school son is dying to go to the UofA and play in the Razorback band. Even if he doesn’t make the band, his dream is to still attend. I hope he will get the same opportunity others get.

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